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May 20, 2023

Enter the cave that the Kapyenas had been guarding. Use the 3D printer to craft the Launch Booster attachment for the backpack. Here's a list of all the items you have to print:-, Supercharged Shot - Requires the Nomad Pistol, Bounce Bomb - Requires Rank 3: Field Explorer, Advanced Battery - Requires the Nomad Pistol, Advanced Battery 2 - Requires Rank 2: Field Explorer, Advanced Battery 3 - Requires Rank 3: Explorer, Advanced Battery 4 - Requires Rank 4: Executive Explorer, Improved Damage - Requires the Nomad Pistol, Improved Damage 2 - Requires Rank 2: Field Explorer, Improved Damage 3 - Requires Rank 3: Explorer, Improved Damage 4 - Requires Rank 4: Executive Explorer, Fast Reload - Requires Rank 2: Field Explorer, Fastest Reload - Requires Rank 3: Explorer, Bombegranate Stabilizer - Complete the "Kill It With Fire" mission (triggered by scanning a Cracked Wall), Bombegranate Booster - Requires Rank 2: Field Explorer, Shock Fruit Stabilizer - Complete the "Static Panic" mission (triggered by scanning an Alien Proximity Door), Shock Fruit Booster - Requires Rank 4: Executive Explorer, Blight Bomb Stabilizer - Complete the "Fun With Corrosives" mission (triggered by scanning a Blight Bomb plant), Blight Bomb Booster - Requires Rank 3: Field Explorer, Better Utility Belt - Requires Rank 2: Field Explorer, Best Utility Belt - Requires Rank 3: Explorer, Proton Tether - Story Related - Triggered by scanning a Grapple Flower, Advanced Proton Tether - Story Related - Triggered by scanning a Grapple Rail, Live Sampler - Required for the For Science! But Not Me. Journey to the Savage Planet is what you get if you put the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Red Dwarf, No Man's Sky and some LSD into a blender then turn it on with the lid off - it's that nuts! Destroy this to find a Carbon Vein and an Orange Goo [56/100]. Click on the Trash icon and open all 5 emails you find there, then the trophy will pop. Here's what your loot box looks like: Your corpse and loot box should be within a few feet of each other but sometimes you will have to return to the site of your death, to find your corpse. The first platform will have a waterfall dropping down onto some rocks on it. Journey to the Savage Planet is a game created and developed by Typhoon Studios. We came, We Saw, We Kicked Its Ass - Missable, Step 3: Finish the game and get the good ending. For some unknown reason, the developers have made it so you will always start in the Javelin after reloading your save. This will pop soon after you get Teratomo Defeated. To kill the Queen herself, you first have to blind her by shooting her eye until she flinches and reveals the amber weakspots on her body. You will also be getting the bad ending in this step and popping the Screw This Noise trophy. Once we have reached the very top of the Grapple Barnacles and are back on solid ground atop the tree, you will find an open Vaultivore with Alien Alloy [16/32]. Before doing so however, there is some easily grabbable loot nearby. We need to take the southwest passage to continue. At the eastern end of this lower area is an Aluminum Vein. Look to the north from your entry point to find an Alien Teleporter. one quick question, does it have free roam later after finishing story? Use your Grapple Seeds on the Grapple Barnacles and make your way over to the floating island. Make sure to Scan/Slap one of these for Kindex Card [Boomerbang (Feral) - 25/37]. to reach the entrance to the Zor's Planetary Flotsam area. Grab a Blight Bomb from the plants nearby and hit the pumpjack to clear the first bloackage. 1 before the Cragclaw fight in Normal mode and 1 before the Teratomo fight in Old Game Minus mode . If you felt compelled to join the site as a result of this Guide, then please give Terminator a referral, thank you. Co-op. Kick 10 Pufferbirds in 45 seconds. You may be short on equipment and experience, but good luck! Note: You have to be somewhere outside before this trophy is obtainable, because all weapons and attacks are disabled whilst inside the Javelin. Use the mushroom ledges and the Grapple Barnacles on the walls to reach the next, higher up section of the tree. Below this are a couple of platforms we can use the Launch Booster to climb up. If you want to swot up on how the speed run should go, then please see this sub-1hr run by Optinoob: Both No Refunds and Screw This Noise will pop during the end credits, if you manage to finish the game in 4hrs or less and only recover 5 fuel pods. If you've done it right, then the trophy will pop. I Know Karate: Kill 10 creatures in a row using only melee attacks and without getting hurt. On a raised ledge to the right of the Meat Vortex there is another Silicon Vein. Yes, it blends! Here you will have to kill a Slamphibian to gain access to the area beneath the dead plant matter you're currently standing on. Thanks for the info, I'll take a look at this later on and see what can be done . Scan/Slap one of these for Kindex Card [Floopsnoot - 24/37]. The trophy will pop after you press on the indicated fuel pod. All in all, this is easily doable in an hour without rushing. Note: Certain experiments have to be done in a single sitting, else the stats will be reset to zero if you reload your save. It was the decade that gave us midnight movies, modern . Walk through this to find a hidden cave. There is a path leading to the north from the Alien Teleporter and a raised path along the western side of the area leading north as well. As an employee of Kindred Aerospace, which proudly touts its rating as the 4th Best Interstellar Exploration Company, players will be dropped onto an uncharted planet deep in a fictitious, far-away corner of the universe. Shoot the three Vaultivore Pimples (there is one on either side of the support and a third on top) - this will open the Vaultivore - use your Launch Thruster to get into range of the Grapple Flower to grapple up. Scan the Enigmatic Tablet here for [Alien Tech 6/14]. Use your Launch Thrusters to launch up to grab it. From the edge of this platform look down to spot another smaller ledge below. Just walk up to your friend and press , then the trophy will pop. Directly below the Sproutlook platform is a Combativore which will now be open. We will need to find and use Blight Bombs on three Alien Pumpjacks located around the area. Once you have extracted the upgrade, make your way back to the Javelin and create it (do note though, you also need 200 Carbon and 100 Silicon before being able to create it). Use the Grapple Barnacles at the back of the area to climb up to a ledge above (again, destroying the nests and Insectoid Swarms as you ascend). Collect every obnoxious video ad on your computer. Beneath the Amber you'll find an Orange Goo [39/100]. Kill them both as well. Do note that both players must have progressed the story enough to have unlocked the Proton Tether upgrade, else neither of you will be able to reach Cragclaw. It's best to do this and all the other death related trophies at the start of the game when you're easier to kill. Follow this series of ledges upwards using the Grapple Flowers provided. Get launched by a Pufferbird, then kill it. Trophy wise, nothing is hard but No Refunds , We came, We Saw, We Kicked Its Ass and Screw This Noise are very missable so please see the respective parts of the Guide for more details. Entering the tower is important, but the ridiculous space-company that. After returning here via the Alien Teleporter we need to do some exploration to unlock the 'Up, Up and Away' mission. - Kill all 3 bosses (see Cragclaw Defeated, Floopsnoot Queen Defeated and Teratomo Defeated respectively for walkthroughs to defeating them). Around this area we'll also be able to locate a Silicon Vein, Aluminum Vein and Carbon Vein. Now we can proceed to the east and into the large cave (where we need to go to proceed) or we can go and grab some loot from the area with the Sproutlook. Fully decrypt and watch the tower origin transmission. The earliest you can attempt this trophy is when you reach the area where the Repaired Teleporter is located in the Elevated Realm. 2-PLAYER ONLINE CO-OP: Play solo or bring a friend. Just before entering this, you should be able to see what looks like a beehive. Once you have done all of the above, return to the Javelin and press on the Command Console to launch the ship into orbit and pop the trophy once the Credits start. That's good luck, depending on who you ask. Place 5 Gelatinous Blobs in a straight(ish) line then jump on them and the trophy will pop after landing on the fifth one in a row without missing any of the others. Playing it now. To start a Co-Op game, go: Cooperative => Select Save Slot => Invite Player. Easy Target: Kill 4 creatures while they are stuck in Binding Bile within 3 seconds. With the first Slamphibian (Grizzled) dead, you will have to kill another one to gain access to the Stomp Booster upgrade shrine. There were later releases to Nintendo Switch on May 21st, 2020, GOG on January 28th, 2021 and Stadia on February 1st, 2021. Rufus Barnes is a farmer and tradesman living near Segookit, Maine. Behind this you will find a Fuel Pod [2/10]. As you approach the Alien Teleporter, you'll see that it is red. You're a hero! After doing that, grapple between them by using - rinse and repeat 10 times then the trophy will pop. Rinse and repeat this, until the machinery stops and starts emitting electric orbs you have to dodge. Collect and read every Alien Explorer Log. Word Count: 1290. From here, look down and to the right to see the mushroom platform with the Orange Goo [54/100] we spotted earlier. You died! There is lots of goodies in both the Infested Husk and Domain of the Untamed Beast areas, so its a good idea to head there now. To save time later on, you will be getting the co-op trophies in the next step but you have to progress the story to a specific point before doing them. Credit to Meoricin for this information. Fast Travel to the Planetary Flotsam in the Itching Fields biome to begin looking the alien sample needed to craft the upgrade. If you have trouble jumping up with only one thruster charge as in the video try via the rocks on the left and you can do it that way too. This is a very easy trophy, just find a Pufferbird then hit it with a fully charged slap (press and hold ) and you'll get covered in goo when it explodes. At the end of this step, you will have earned the following trophies: Step 2: Kill Cragclaw and get the co-op trophies. Before continuing onwards, there is a bit of exploring to do around the teleporter. Use this to return to the Javelin Habitat. The easiest spot is the alien alloy guarded by Schnozos at the Crackling Pedestal location, which is much better than running between anthills elsewhere. Weird! Here there are several Infected Pufferbirds wandering around. I'd start looking for new work. Journey to the Savage Planet is an upbeat first-person adventure game set in a bright and colorful alien world filled with weird and wonderful creatures. Fortunately, if you have your scanner active, you will be able to make out a scent trail for each, which if you follow them should lead you right to each of the missing fragments. Gotta hand it to you: You're pretty handy. and Ambidextrous trophies, Precious Stuff Magnet - Requires Rank 2: Field Explorer, Landing Impact Nullifier - Requires Rank 4: Executive Explorer, Triple Thrusters - Requires Rank 2: Field Explorer, Quadruple Thrusters - Requires Rank 3: Explorer, Faster Refuel - Requires Rank 3: Explorer, Advanced Launch Boosters - Requires Rank 3: Explorer, Advanced Stomp Boosters - Requires Rank 4: Executive Explorer, Smarter Visor - Requires Rank 2: Field Explorer, Alien Alloy Detector - Requires Rank 2: Field Explorer, Fuel Detector - Requires Rank 3: Explorer, Orange Goo Detector - Requires Rank 2: Field Explorer, Alien Artifact Detector - Requires Rank 4: Executive Explorer. Last Updated on May 8, 2015, by eNotes Editorial. Did all the stuff! Don't ignore Science Experiments or the upgrades they unlock. Wait for an attack, get behind them and shoot! Don't worry, the speed run is actually very easy. Divide and conquer: Classic strat. There are 100 Orange Goo's on AR-Y 26 (some of which are story related) but you only require approximately 60 of them to max out your Health and Stamina. Co-op. Head for the southern end of the platform with the shrine. Very bad. Let's hope they learn to start pulling their weight. Interact with it once again to extract a sample from the Shrine. This Guide is valid, as of the 1.08 patch. When you see the Insectoid Swarm and hive on the right, look at the base of the tower across the pond here - there is a Silicon Vein and an Aluminum Vein. Successfully ended the bloodline of an endangered alien species! bulwark: [noun] a solid wall-like structure raised for defense : rampart. Gather live samples from a Pufferbird, Baboushka, and Pikemander - All of these creatures are found in Journey to the Savage Planet 's first biome . Shocking: Kill 4 creatures while they are shocked by lightning within 3 seconds. Destroy the block of amber in the northwest of the platform for an Orange Goo [41/100]. Locate the Grapple Flower leading up to the higher ledge with the pink crystals. As the newest recruit of Kindred Aerospace - The 4th best interstellar space exploration company - Your job is to determine if the planet ARY-26 is fit for humans. To get this trophy, you have to do the following: - Find and recover 5 of the 10 fuel pods (See No Refunds for a video Guide) - Credit to Sifferino for confirming this. This indicates that it is affected by a temporal rift. It depends on if you're in Old Game Minus mode or Normal mode, because Old Game Minus will delete your save after finishing the game whilst Normal mode allows free roam at all times and creates an auto save before leaving the planet so you can reload that and mop up any trophies you're missing.

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